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So here I am laying under the fort we built over your bed sometime this morning, which is actually getting kinda hot now.I’m finally coming down from our shroom trip, it was great we always share such much needed positive vibes. You crashed a while ago and i’d like to do the same but my mind is so restless that wont happen until tomorrow sometime most likely. I’ll probably make you brunch or some kind of food before I head back to DC idk breakfast is perfect anytime of day I guess.

I always say that everyone needs to experience psychedelics in whatever form they choose. I don’t know how to explain it but whenever i do I’m sure I sound batshit crazy. Its kind of like seeing your life in HD, everything is so vibrant and you can just feel it. Everything has life and spirit. I literally see peoples auras and its the most amazing thing ever to feel that energy. Ohhh and the thoughts you have, your mind is truly just open and accepting of life. You’ll realize a lot about yourself and who you choose to be around. It kind of just opens up your third eye and connectedness to earth, and less with how society wants us to be.

Its definitely not for everyone but if you’re open to new life experiences. Go for it. Be weird. Accept your trip and whatever comes with it

And happy earth day :)

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Classy cameltoe: summer 2014

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